Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Another Travelling story: YES SOMETIMES YOU SHOULD BELIEVE IN MAGIC part 4

So then that African girl looked like thinking "who the hell are you?? How dare you ask me to take you along in my journey to my future parents in law's house?"

She then told me with a pity-sight towards my face, " Sorry.. I can't.." well, I already guessed her answer. " Had I met my boyfriend's parents before and already close to them, I will take you. But that's just not the case. " she continued.

Yeeaaa I know. I am smart but sometimes (often, actually) doing stupid things without thinking too much. So we continued our dialogue again about everything.. That she looked so smart. She could speak some foreign languages beside her native. She also studied 4 year full in Czech with scholarship.

Not so long, her bus came. She had to go. She left me alone then -__-...

I came back to the state where I became homeless looked-alike. Wandering around outside the hall without any certain destinies. The weather became warmer, so I thought better to walked around than just sitting inside the hall. Then I took out some Corona again through the ATM, in case I needed it, cause seems like I certainly needed it!!

I went to an internet cafe searched for some probabilities. I browsed my previous hostel to see any possibilities to stay back there, and planned to email the hostel where I planned to stay at Hungary, to cancelled my stay there.
The owner of the Hungary hostel said that I had to pay the fine as I cancelled my booked room. Only 2 euros actually. Ha-Ha. Even with Rupiah it was soo cheap. Only 26.000 ahaha. The fine was taken from my advance down payment.

Then I browsed my previous hostel at Prague and I got that the hostel price like almost 3x times higher if you    plan to pay at your arrival! I re-checked it via phone and that was true ! But I had no choice either :(. So I told the receptionist that I might come back there and would like to book the room again. I told him that I've stayed before and paid a down payment with my friend's credit card.

 I was just panic, gave up, confused,.. Could you just imagine my situation at that time??

I did not want to pay at higher price :'(
I've lost the money for the ticket for going to and coming back from Budapest. I've lost my money for the down payment for the room at the hostel in Hungary and also to pay the fine. Well, not at that time but later, I had to pay to Pol :(

So I insisted planning to look for a mosque. To stay there for free!

By the way I met many Vietnamese there, whom I thought they were maybe English speaking foreigners from South East Asia just like me, or even better Indonesian who spoke Indonesian, which is exactly like me too. But unfortunately, they just told me in bad English that they could not speak English. That they were Czech Vietnamese and spoke Czech. That they were lived in Czech since their childhood or even since they were just born. Unless I could speak Vietnamese towards them of course, which is I could not, natuurlijk.


Well, then here was the magic part started
Okay, in Netherlands, you'd find hijabers sooo easily. Whether they were Turkish, Moroccan, Iraqis, or just simply Malaysian or Indonesian. But there, in Czech, since the first time I arrived, I did not find any women with their hijab on their head. Well, I know, it was Europe, ex communist country, far cry from moslems related activity or symbols. It is not so multi cultures as well, in which immigrants will stay and change nationality along with their whole big family from the home countries and breed vast like the Turkish in Germany and Netherlands and Maroccan or Iraqis in Netherlands and France.

Therefore, it was so difficult as well to ask the people there where the mosque was! Aside from the fact that their English was bad, they also even did not know what mosque is! And always said that they did not know.  It was very different situation when I was in Netherlands. In every city, it's always easy to find the mosque. Even when you asked the white, the non turkish or other middle east descendants there, which mostly are non moslems of course, they sometimes still know what and where the nearest mosque is.

So that was added to my worst situation..

I found that pink hijab head in front of me. But I could only see the back part of the hijab. Not the face.
I ran into her and called her. But she did not hear it. She walked with other Caucasian woman without hijab. With red jacket and curly dirty blond hair.

Well, when I almost reached her, her friend turned her head around to me and told her that I was calling her. That woman with pink hijab turned her head to me. Subhanallah! I could see her beautiful face! She's definitely neither Turkish nor Moroccan like many hijabis I found in Netherlands!

She had those beauty of Eastern European. With high long nose, pink lips, round big blue eyes and white crystal skin of course! She smiled to me then and I asked her where the nearest mosque was..

Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Posting a creepy video of mine :D ahaa ! :D

Okey, take a break for a while on the string of my Prague journey stories.
I just want to post my creepy video playing a guitar and singing! and it may sound really out of tune, ahaa :D

Just want to have fun though :D

Here it is, fellas... :p

Prepare the worst for your eyes and ears, maybe? >.<

By the way, I just submitted my scholarship application to Belgium yesterday. Was costed a lot because I used DHL due to the due date was just about 5 days >.<
I wish it was worthed! At least, I try :)

Just about fulfilling the application for other scholarship as well :D
Wish me luck, everybody !

I will continue my Prague journey series later...
See ya!